Repair Order Software

Did you know that the average repair order for automotive repair shops in North America currently sits at $322 per vehicle? That’s not a price that will keep your doors open for too long. Did you also know that the average repair order for shops that use a digital vehicle inspection software like BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY is $512? That's a 59% increase, and that’s a number that our shops are very happy to see.

Having thorough and well-organized repair orders is going to be beneficial to helping increase your average repair order. They allow you to make notes about the vehicle and the customer for future visits. There are many benefits to making sure your technicians are keeping up with their repair orders:

  • Adding services - Oftentimes, services can be sold in pairs like oil changes and air filters or break pads and rotors. When you make notes of all the added services in your repair order, you know that customer is willing and expecting to have both services done.
  • Up-selling - Some customers are preventative, meaning they’d rather address something before it becomes an issue. These are the customers you might be able to up-sell services too.
  • Keeping record of service for next visit - Keeping thorough repair orders can let you know when you have a customer coming in that opted out of a needed repair last time. This gives you the opportunity to up-sell them on this old repair in addition to the repair that’s bringing them in this time.
  • Mobile integration with SMS - When your repair order software is digital, mobile, and  syncs with your shop management system—you create a seamless catalog of customer history and repair order history that will contribute to better service for the customers and an overall more organized shop.

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Repair order software is designed to help keep the back end of your shop organized so when customers come in they can receive the most personal experience you can offer. You should know right away who that customer is, and the service history of their vehicle. You should be able to quickly review recommended services and whether they were purchased or not. Having a repair order software like BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY that is digital, mobile, and integrates with your automotive repair shop management system is a huge factor in winning the game and conquering your competitors efficiently.

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