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You already have the best in class Shop Management System.  Now you can have the Best in Class DVI tools as well.

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We know you already have experienced the power of best in class shop management through Mitchell. 

But did you know you can now get best in class DVI tools to supercharge your shop’s efficiency and increase customer trust? Using BOLT ON Digital Vehicle Inspections will grow your business and customer loyalty by being transparent and timely with customers about needed repairs.

Gone are the days of paper inspections.  You can now perform digital vehicle inspections, view repair procedures, log labor time, and much more — all from mobile tablets. It’s that easy! No more greasy, easy-to-lose paperwork that you have to file manually. And by keeping everything digital you can easily share videos and images with customers to educate them on their needed car repairs, leading to higher ROs.

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Customer Transparency & Trust

Mitchell + BOLT ON = Leveling up your inspection process! Trade in your pen and paper, and start taking pictures.

  • Share Videos & Pictures
    Through the video inspection process customers understand more about what’s happening with their vehicle, can retain the information better and can actually visualize the repairs
  • Educating Your Customers
    Showing your customers why they need the repairs you recommend will help them be more likely to approve the repairs.
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Shop Efficiency & Workflow

  • Digital Workflow
    DVI tools allow you to move away from cumbersome paper inspections. Tablets become digital tech worksheets, allowing technicians to update progress on a vehicle in real time.
  • Speedy Approvals
    Eliminates the delay in a phone operator having to check the status - everyone can see progress at any given point.
  • Avoid Delays
    The tablet allows technicians to get a customer signature immediately, avoiding unproductive delays on work orders
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Improved Communication with Customer

  • Eliminate Phone Tag
    With BOLT ON DVI tools you can easily text your customers with updates and scheduling - eliminating phone tag and unopened emails. Text has become the new norm for communication and now your shop can leverage it seamlessly.
  • Smart Scheduling
    With BOLT ON’s DVI tools, scheduling becomes both easy and more effective because its automatically connected to the inspection process.

Bundled Packages

Get More Bang For Your Buck!
  • Savings for New & Existing Manager SE Customers
    Add Mobile Manager Pro for $249 per month to any Mitchell 1 Package, a savings of $100 off the monthly subscription.

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