Maximize Mitchell 1 Management System with Jump Start 

Are you ready to Jump Start your auto repair shop? With BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, it’s easier than ever. Our auto repair software works, no matter what size repair shop you run. With BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, you can use your shop management system to its fullest potential.

Simplifying Business Operations

Are the daily operations in your repair shop moving slower than they should? You have all of the tools, but oftentimes, shop management systems have too much involved. Some shop management systems are difficult for teams to fully learn and customize to the needs of the shop.

Save Time with Pre-Built Descriptions

Jump Start can help you more easily utilize every aspect of your shop management system, increasing your efficiency and improving your business! With increased productivity and accuracy in business operations, your auto repair shop will run like a well-oiled machine. This free download to your Manager SE or ShopKey SE PC system includes the most advanced collection of:

  • Service Categories
  • Pre-Built Jobs
  • Service Recommendations
  • Repair Descriptions

By using canned jobs for your more common services, you will save time everyday. Your shop also becomes more consistent with each inspection because of the canned jobs. With one click, all the needed information is transferred, saving time and money. 

Improve Organization in Reporting 

Jump Start takes all of the leg work, time and confusion out of learning how to effectively set up your shop management system. At the end of the month, when you’re ready to run reports, all of your services are neatly organized into one, easy to find category instead of having to rummage through a messy “miscellaneous” folder. This increased organization keeps your reporting more accurate, bettering your business.

Not sure if Jump Start is right for you? Schedule a demo with one of our helpful and friendly support team members. In this demo, we will show you all 100 categories and all 300 jobs. Learn how those jobs and categories work together to make your shop more productive and efficient.

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